Career & Personal Development

Pursuing a scientific career means asserting oneself professionally in a highly competitive environment. An essential factor is the scientific performance; however, success is not guaranteed by comprehensive methodological and technical expertise alone.


To take on the career development challenge, we help you develop:

A comprehensive overview of the research and science landscape, options and developments opportunities.

A deeper understanding of your own strengths and potential areas of development.

A career outlook and the next steps to be planned carefully.

A shorter term overview of the next educational steps that will enable you to reach your goals, including the non-scientific side of your profile.

All workshops, trainings and coaching sessions are individually tailored to your needs. 


Here is a selection of our seminar topics:

  • Career planning for doctoral candidates or postdocs
  • Introduction to the German Academic System
  • Career options and career entry for doctorates
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Leadership competencies for the scientific community